How to Make a Fairy

How to Make a Fairy

Fairy Princess Photoshoot

I love it when a project comes together!

My favorite projects are always the ones that contain multiple layers of art and art forms. Like this image. From the jewelry to the wings, the styling and the photography, all just layers of my imagination. 

From the first time I laid eyes on the gorgeous Hannah Semlak, I knew she was my fairy. 

Making wings is a fairly new venture for me but I absolutely love how they turned out! Not so much in the beginning, as verifiable by the employees of JoAnn Fabrics who watched me roll my wings from isle to isle seeking and finally finding inspiration in the floral section.

And now, my Fairy Princess fantasies more fully developed, what is next?

Hmmmm.... Halloweens comin yall... maybe time to delve into something darker

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