First Off, The Truth

My lovely readers. This is the only time you shall hear me admit this truth.

I don’t really live in a medieval castle.

Yup, you heard it. While I live in a lovely, grand old home, sadly, a castle she is not. And while that is my physical truth, I do, however, also live in a rich tapestry of a world built from imagination, fantasy and history. Dravynmoor has become my escape in a not so friendly world. In these times of political unrest, police brutality and widening social-economic gaps, I find myself retreating into the fairy tale world I created. A world where good always prevails, true love conquers all, magic really exists and beauty abounds wherever you look.

But really, I don’t think I’m alone in needing an escape. I don’t think I am the only person who fantasizes about a better world. I’m not the only one who deserves a fairytale and I know I’m not the only girl who would like to be made to feel like a princess… if not for but just one moment.

So I welcome you, with an open heart, to my fairytale. The princesses, the pirates, mermaids and fairies, amazon warriors and Viking shield maidens, vampires and vixens, strong women everywhere... my kingdom welcomes you. May you as well find solace and beauty behind these stone walls.

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