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Ren Faire Should Be Renamed

Ren Faire Should Be Renamed

A special place where fairytales are revered as family lore and fantasy becomes real.  A special place where, when woven correctly, no tale is too tall.

First Off, The Truth

My lovely readers. This is the only time you shall hear me admit this truth.

I don’t really live in a medieval castle.

Yup, you heard it. While I live in a lovely, grand old home, sadly, a castle she is not. And while that is my physical truth, I do, however, also live in a rich tapestry of a world built from imagination, fantasy and history. Dravynmoor has become my escape in a not so friendly world. In these times of political unrest, police brutality and widening social-economic gaps, I find myself retreating into the fairy tale world I created. A...