Ren Faire Should Be Renamed

I've talked to a lot of people who have never attended a Renaissance Festival. And in general, those who've never gone have a rather skewed idea of it.  It should really be called something different... Fantasy Faire or Fairytale Fest.  See, in my opinion at least, its less about being historically accurate and more about being fantastical! 

I am lucky, here in Minnesota, we have a very established Ren Fest.  While the grounds and buildings provide a fantastic backdrop to inspire fantasy, the performers and attendees create the real magic.

It's a special place outside of time where all of the artsy fartsy fantasy geeks come together to create a special experience.  Refusing to be bound by historical accuracy, pirates and fairies, royalty and paupers, dragon tamers and stilt walkers all cavort together.  A special place where fairytales are revered as family lore and fantasy becomes real.  A special place where, when woven correctly, no tale is too tall.

And no matter your favorite flavor of fairytale... darkly gothic, sparkly fairy princess, warrior queen, or bohemian earth sprite... just like Ren Faire... Castle Dravynmoor has something in store for you.  

Step inside, breathe deeply the air electric with creativity... #fairytalefashion awaits

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